Want to have a go at embroidery, but out of luck with supplies? Have no worries. Cause we got your back! We have rounded up all our favourite embroidery essentials and made it into our very first Deer Folks Supply Pack! 

What is included in the pack?
1.  6" Hoops X3
2.  Set of Embroidery Needles X1
3.  DMC Embroidery Threads X15
4.  Thread Sniper X1 (Random Colour)
5.  Needle Threaders X3 (Random Colours and Designs)
6.  Cloth X2 (Choose between Ballerina Pink, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Black, White, Off White, Grey, Linen, Light Beige, Red, Emerald, Yellow)

You can also opt to purchase our exclusive Beginner Embroidery Guidebook, where you would be able to learn 6 different stitches! 
*Note: No design pattern will be included.

Embroidery Essentials Pack

Beginner Embroidery Guidebook?
Choice of thread colours
Material of Hoops




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