*Off white is out of stock at the moment. Please note that if you have indicated Off White, your order will only be shipped out in July*


It is always a hassle to find the perfect cloth that will be suitable for an embroidery project. This is why Deer Folks decided to bring in these amazing textile for all makers. Coming in 9 different colours, these non-stretchable cotton-linen blend fabrics are our go-to choice at all times. The thickness of the cloth also makes it fitting for tracing work.

Each fabric is measured to be 70 X 50cm which will be good for six 6" embroidery project. Selling at $5.50 for a single piece and $13.50 for a bundle of 3, these are definitely a must-have for all embroidery projects.

Note: Dark colours such as Navy Blue and Black will be harder to trace on.

Item details
Size: 70 X 50cm
Material: Cotton-Linen Blend
Colours: Nude Pink, Crystal Pink, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Black, White, Off White, Moon Grey, Rhino Grey, Linen, Light Beige, Emerald, Leaf Green, Apple Red, Brick Red, Mustard Yellow.

Embroidery Cloth





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