Note: This is a custom order and will not be ready for immediate collection.


The word "囍" composed of “喜喜” – two copies of the Chinese characters “喜”, literally meaning joy. It is usually used during weddings and represent ‘double happiness’ to coincide with the new couple. This is also relevant to Chinese culture which believes that “happiness comes in twos” (好事要成双 hǎo shì yào chéng shuāng).


This Deer Folks' wedding favourite is perfect as a wedding reception decoration or as a present for your loved ones. Coupled with pink roses, this custom piece brings out an oriental vibe that will please any traditional family member. 


To add on a personalised touch, you will be able to select between 5 different colours for the fabric. You may also choose to include a special quote or the name of the lovebirds at the bottom. Please note that there is a limit of 50 characters. 


Due to the complexity of this design, we will not be able to offer 4" hoops. Please allow some colour differences for the final piece.


Details of the sample piece

Size: 8"

Fabric Colour: Light Beige

Double Happiness Embroidery Hoop

Fabric Colour
Estimated Date of Completion





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